• Polyamide processing - granules
    Polyamide processing
  • PET bottles for Food products
  • PET bottles for Water and soft drinks
    Water and soft drinks
  • PET Bottles for milk products
    Dairy products
  • PET bottles for alcoholic drink
    Alcohol drink bottles
  • PET bottles for Chemicals
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Business concept

Team spirit and professionalism of every individual are the key point of this company. Company StejPak can commend on expertise of its employees which are able to deliver and satisfy the needs of buyers/suppliers, based on their knowledge and many years of experience.

Business Strategy

• Employee advancement
• Promotion of business efficiency
• Customer satisfaction in terms of quality and services provided

Vision statement

• New investments in products and production technologies
• Expansion of the product line and increase of competitiveness
• Continous improvement of services/products quality level and added value for stakeholders
• Ambition for finding new business partners and strengthening the cooperation with existing partners in treatment the non-hazardous waste.

Mission statement

• Quality and reliability of products/services
• Business processes quality improvement and increase of business efficiency
• Customer/user orientation
• Export ability improvement


• Professionalism
• Responsibility
• Positive approach and readiness for cooperation

Business competitiveness

• Professionalism and expertise of employees
• Product/service quality and reliability
• Company’s transport
• Own space/storage area